The Selena Sing-A-Long Show - An Improvised Jukebox Musical Inspired by the Queen of Tejano

Selena Sing-a-long Tribute Show Opens Saturday, May 6 at The Hideout Theatre!

I’m MUY EXCITED to share that “The Selena Sing-a-long Show: An Improvised Jukebox Musical Inspired by the Queen of Tejano” opens THIS weekend!

I’m a Tejana who grew up listening to Tejano music. Our local radio station was, Que pasa ninety-nine point five, you’re numero uno for Tejano. I had Selena’s tapes and absolutely loved her music. She was my first role model, and the only person I know of with a similar background to mine who became a superstar. I remember the day she died. I remember the movie casting announcements, the limited edition doll, going to visit Selena’s boutique, statue, and grave in Corpus Christi. I had a poster of Selena on my bedroom wall…

So when my bestie and fellow Tejana announced she was producing a sing-along show inspired by Selena, there was no doubt I wanted to be part of that.

And now we’re just days away from opening night!

So please join us!

Here are the details:

The Selena Sing-a-long Show: An Improvised Jukebox Musical Inspired by the Queen of Tejano

Saturdays May 6, 13*, 20**, 27 & June 3 at 7 p.m. at The Hideout Theatre

Tickets are $12 to $18

* The May 13th show is my night as the protagonist.
**The May 20th show will include all eight players in the 48-hour improv marathon so it will be insane.

The Selena Sing-A-Long Show is an improvised musical follows the story of a young girl with a big dream, told through the music of Selena Quintanilla. Throughout the show monitors will display song lyrics to encourage the audience to sing along. Every week will be a new show based on audience suggestions and includes a tribute to honor La Reina

We’ll all feel that moment and we’ll all know… it’s time to play a Selena song. AND WE WILL! And since everyone is singing, it’s not important if you can sing well. Just like in karaoke! It’s basically combining karaoke and improv.

Although some of the Selena songs we sing will be in Spanish, the show itself will be in English (with maybe *some* Spanish phrases splashed throughout if we are inspired), speaking or understanding Spanish is NOT a requirement to enjoy this show!

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