👋🏼 Hi, I’m Cristy. 

I write all kinds of things: screenplays, sketches, essays, standup, short fiction, SEO articles, website copy, social posts, press releases… whatever inspires me or pays the bills. My ultimate goal is to write content that accomplishes both. 

I created this blog because I needed an outlet for my own voice. 

After working in content marketing jobs for the last decade, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’d given up my extracurriculars for my career, my mental health was fading quickly, and my well of creativity had dried up. I wasn’t depressed but the stress was making me physically ill. 

With the support of my husband, familia, and friends, I quit my editorial director job in October 2022 to take a break from corporate life and started Cristy Writes.

This blog is my space for whatever I want to write about: screenwriting, comedy, travel, mental health, writing, my content experience, Latinidad, anything. I’ve carved out this little slice of the internet for my unmarketable material.

Can I Hire You to Write?

Absolutely! You can fill out the form below to get in touch or message me on social media.

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