Hello WordPress My Old Friend

I’ve come to publish here again.

So I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like… 😬 But I’ve been doing stuff! Here’s how I’ve been filling my time:

I’ve got about a dozen random blog posts in the works (because I keep bouncing from project to project). But I plan to put most of these on the blog soon. 

I pitched an idea to an editor and now that essay draft is due this week.  (🙌🏼) I have a bunch of other pitches I need to finalize and send off. 

I’ve started writing for Comedy Wham, a site and podcast about the Austin comedy scene. Here are my first two pieces: Roderick McDaniel the Rib Tickler and Bak Wants to Know Your Story.

I wrote a mostly-new standup set and did my first open mic. I forgot a joke in the middle of my setup — which I dreaded and previously thought it would be my worst nightmare — but I acknowledged it, got a chuckle, and still had a pretty decent set. I plan to continue but I need to wrap up a couple of other projects first. Writing (good) standup is rewarding, but it’s so much more time consuming than I expected, and I already feel stretched too thin.

In other news, I got tarot cards for Christmas so I spent at least a whole week geeking out (more like obsessing) over how to read them. Please do not come to me for a reading. They’re all negative. I’m pretty sure I’m being trolled by my guides

My brother randomly bought us a Play Station 5 along with “The Last of Us” games. This is random because I’m NOT a gamer. For example, I kept calling it a PS4. I was not aware there was a fifth. 

Anyway, I’m playing Hogwarts Legacy on Story mode which apparently is even easier than Easy since there’s “very minimal gameplay effort,” according to Gfinity. I really wish my brother recorded my first time playing. I’ve yet to master using both joysticks at the same time — I still can’t walk in a straight line and keep looking up when I mean to look down — but I’m at Level 7, whatever that means.

I mentioned my avatar was not cute at the exact same time my brother said she looked just like me, so I paid 20 galleons to change my look at the salon. To be fair, Cristicusses Britishleigh has naturally thick brows, and I purposely gave her a tired complexion because I thought it was funny, so she was never going to look her best. Now she’s got a new flashy hair color and the wizarding equivalent of a chemical peel and brow wax. She’s feeling much more confident now.

But what’s really been taking up my time is Ladybird. I haven’t really mentioned it publicly yet, but we’ve been trying to figure out if a bone lesion is cancerous. Nearly three months and thousands later, we still don’t know. This has stumped several veterinary oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons. We’re emotionally exhausted. Meanwhile, her leg is at risk for a fracture. She hasn’t gone to daycare since her original injury. Previously she’d been going up to three times per week. 😐 I love her, but she’s driving me crazy. 

Anyway… I just wanted to jump on here to provide an update. I haven’t given up on the blog, or the dream. I’m creating a work life that inspires and motivates me. That shit takes time.

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