Last Week, This Week #2 (Dec. 5 to 11)

Too many ideas at once, plus injuries

Nothing went according to plan, and I didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked. But that’s ok. I still have a lot to be proud of.

Last Week… 

I always get the blues after a show or other fun event, so I expected feeling low after my standup showcase. It still sucks though. Does that happen to other performers? 

  • While I only published one post, I did spend time working on other posts I plan to publish here or pitch in the near future. 
  • I also spent time on my screenplay. My goal was 10 pages but I only got three. 
  • I injured my right hand in a very dumb way. 
  • I had one very cathartic meltdown. 
  • Ladybird injured her wrist (radius) which resulted in an expensive vet bill and ambiguous findings.
  • I returned a bunch of stuff I ordered but never used.
  • I caught up on The White Lotus and watched the finale on Sunday. 😱 I’ve never hit pause on a show I loved so much. The cringe makes me restless; I have to take breaks. 

On Wednesday, I injured my right ring and middle fingers while trying to set up a chair in my backyard. I wanted to write while hanging with my pittie Ladybird. I didn’t know the chair snapped in place, and when it finally did, my fingers were caught between the bars. The worst part was figuring out how to take out my crushed fingers when I only had my left hand to help. Many expletives later, my hand was freed. Ladybird just watched in terror.

My fingers still hurt, but at least they’re mostly usable. But because climbing requires finger strength, I was forced to take a break and haven’t worked out in a week. 

My meltdown… I realized how much time had elapsed since I quit and was disappointed I hadn’t accomplished more. Blah blah blah, typical negative self-talk BS. I keep reminding myself that I’m recovering from years of burnout. It’s going to take a while. Plus, I always underestimate how long things take to get done. 

On Sunday evening, we took Ladybird to her favorite place to play with other dogs. Well, she played too hard and hurt her wrist, probably from launching off a picnic table for the hundredth time. Nearly $700 later (😭) we’ve confirmed she didn’t break anything. (We’re getting pet insurance. Lesson learned.)

Ladybird usually goes to a doggy daycare at least once a week because she’s a menace when she’s bored. She’s just over a year old and acts like a 56-lb toddler. She will also throw tantrums (or “pittie fitties” as we like to say) by the window when she sees neighborhood dogs walk by, because she is entitled and insists we should just open the front door and let her run wild. We’re meanies for keeping her trapped indoors.

I had some boxes piling up in my office… I have a habit of ordering too many things for too many projects at once, then returning what I don’t want or use. Except, I hadn’t returned anything in a while. I returned a ceiling fan to Home Depot, a shirt that was the wrong size, and some shoes from DSW that were cute but not very comfortable. The stores are filled with people. Do not venture out.

This Week… 

My biggest problem right now is that I have too many ideas and can’t stay focused on one project long enough to complete it. But I’m close! My goals include:

  • Publish the story of my diagnosis and mental health journey.
  • Publish a clip, a sample of the kind of writing I’d like to pursue on a freelance basis.
  • Entertain Ladybird at home while maintaining order in the house.
  • Buy pet insurance and hope Ladybird doesn’t get injured again before the waiting period is over.
  • Take an improv workshop with TJ Jagadowski (aka one of the Sonic guys).
  • Have fun in my first improv show in front of a live audience since 2020! Details and ticket info to this Saturday’s show right here. 

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